How to install hidden hinges.

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Installing hidden hinges can be quite easy.  It can actually be easier than using standard revealed hinges.
Here are the steps to easy installation:

  1. Assuming your 35mm hinge holes were all drilled the same distance from the top and bottom of each door, mount the hinges to one of the doors.
  2. Install a hinge plate into the top hinge.  Measure from the top of the hinge plate to the top of the door (X in the illustration below).
  3. Place a mark on the stile of each cabinet opening on the side where the hinges will mount the same distance as X minus the distance the door will overlay the rail at the top of the opening.  The illustration uses a 1/2" overlay (typical overlay for most doors).  Adjust for your overlay if different. (Formula for stile mark: X minus overlay = mark from top of cabinet opening)
  4. Mount a hinge plate at the top of each opening on the hinge side.
  5. Now install just the hinges on the rest of your doors.
  6. Mount a hinge plate on the bottom hinge of each door.
  7. Slip the top hinge into a plate that has been mounted on the cabinet and tighten the mounting screw.  Then screw the already door-mounted bottom plate to the cabinet.  Repeat with the rest of your doors and make any adjustments to the plate as indicated in the instructions included with your hinges.